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Trade shows take steps forward… The show must go on!

The first quarter of 2020 pulled a nasty surprise and upended the event industry. In a flash, events cancellations seemed to be the order of the day. All live, and in-person experiences just halted.

We thought the coronavirus would be a momentary fluke and would soon blow over. But NO. Not really. We were wrong to expect that, and we cannot just sit down and wait. We have to plan our next steps.

Change your tactics to reach potential buyers. Shift your strategy to obtain the desired return on investment. Transform your ways of doing the business.

the shows must go on | Graffic Traffic
Transform ways of doing the business. Graffic-Traffic

Personalization meshed with technology is now the standard to conduct exhibitions and events in these trying times. We have to change, adapt, and excite participants… the shows must go on!

Trade shows take steps forward

Gradually, the turnaround happened.

  1. Accept the inevitable and work with it.

Live trade shows and exhibitions showcase products and services. Renew ties with current customers and develop new prospects, exploit networking opportunities and even purchase—piecemeal or in volume― that’s the typical live trade show experience. Now, it’s different.

The subsequent cancellation of events, trade shows & exhibitions moved us to a fated virtual setting at a computer,  and a click away from the attendee.

As always, attendees could still experience what they usually do during exhibitions and events, but remotely, online and virtual simulation, different features but with same benefits.

  1. Stash old tricks and devise new ways and rules for events.

The need for virtual trade shows has led to many innovations and new iterations of products and services in the events industry, all designed to create an attendee experience that competes with live events.

One secret to success for virtual events is to increase customer service and extend hospitality for attendees.

Just as we have leveraged Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and Facebook Rooms beyond calls and meetings to larger scale, virtual conferences, and the trade show industry have responded with gusto to this development.

  1. Take ownership of digital platforms, customize design, and turn “virtual” into reality.

The experience simulates a high-end computer game, with graphics rich in detail. Whereas interaction with others in a virtual environment is as normal as a usual video call, attendees will come upon a lobby, resource center, exhibit hall—all the trappings of a live event.

One benefit of virtual trade shows is that attendees can control their experience, allowing them to explore the event the way they want. In their turn, exhibitors are playing a major role in gamifying the whole experience by motivating attendees with incentives to take part in polls, contests, or social media dialogues or just a simple feedback about the event. 

Develop a creative virtual platform of your shows and provide bespoke experiences with various features that excite your target audience.

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Virtual trade shows and exhibitions appear on their way to bridging the past with this season’s innovations. From smaller exhibitions to expositions, virtual events and exhibitions have already engaged millions of people across the globe to date.

Find a partner agency, like Graffic-traffic, with turnkey, concept-to-knockdown services, to make things possible for various industries, in every corner of the world.

    • Customize out-of-the-ordinary virtual platforms to fit any brand’s marketing and sales goals.
    • Design beautifully branded stands and orchestrate exhibitions with amazing features simulating real-life experiences.
    • Build strategies and stage marketing shows & activations to engage end-users and experience the brand.

With every egress, Graffic-Traffic takes good care of your production logistics until your next event. Nothing is impossible, we always have a way to give you the good stuff.

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